Our Company

Experience, Passion, and Expertise.

Because of our years of experience in South Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and Alabama property management, we are able to offer an unprecedented value to our residents, and an unbelievable opportunity for our partners and clients. Other property management companies in Florida, or in any of our four states of operation simply can’t hold a candle to the service and value we provide at each and every location. Team up with AMP today!



Our Vision

AMP Residential aspires to be the multi-family property management company that cares the most, both for its residents and its employees. Our dream is to deliver the moon to everyone we meet.

Our Team

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing a high level of service to the property owner, to our employees and most especially to our residents. Because of this philosophy, it is imperative that each of our employees has a “can do” attitude and an inherent willingness to “go the extra mile” when it comes to resident services.

Awards & Accolades

Our Accomplishments

We are proud to be honored by Great Lakes Area Star Awards and Midwest Prodigy Awards for continued excellence in property management and leadership. 

Great Lakes Area Star Awards